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Know your fertile days from saliva crystals

On fertile days, air-dried saliva crystallizes for most women. With an ovulation microscope you can find out when there is a high chance of getting pregnant. Babyndex is the first and only app that can help recognize these crystals.

What is Babyndex?

ovulation microscope


Saliva starts to crystalize when you hit your fertile period. Apply a little saliva to the lens of the microscope that we supply and wait for it to dry.

mobile application


Download the application on your smartphone, hold the microscope against the camera and take a picture of the saliva sample. The app recognizes the saliva crystals.

ovulation prediction


Our algorithm analyzes the saliva patterns in the pictures and determines the probability of crystals. You can better understand your ovulation cycle.

When is the most likely to get pregnant?

The fertile window is the five days before ovulation and the day of ovulation. Women are most fertile two days before ovulation, when they have half the chance of getting pregnant in their twenties. On the day of ovulation, however, that chance is only a tenth. The most commonly used urine and temperature tests predict ovulation only 1 day, while the ovulation microscope predicts it 2-3 days ahead. The Babyndex app is designed to help you use your microscope so you can predict ovulation as accurately and early as possible.


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