Saliva Ovulation Test with Automated Pattern Recognition

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Babyndex is the only app with automated saliva crystal recognition. It helps you get pregnant sooner!


Saliva test upgraded

Babyndex complements the saliva ovulation test with the latest technology

Saliva test is a non-intrusive and reusable way to detect your most fertile days from a single drop of saliva. Using our high-quality microscope and the Babyndex app, you can detect crystals in dried saliva samples automatically and Babyndex will provide you with the probability of crystals immediately that helps you identify the actual dates of your fertile days!



Your saliva crystallizes during your fertile days. Hence women with irregular cycles can also use Babyndex. There is no need for months of body temperature data.



A 2018 study by Harvard Medical School showed that saliva test can predict ovulation with more than 99% accuracy, if complemented with automated crystal detection.



You can use Babyndex as many times as you want. This is environment friendly and you can also save a lot compared to purchasing single-use hormone stripes on the market!

How does Babyndex work?

A few days before you reach your most fertile days, changes happen to the structure of your saliva. It starts to crystalize in a different way. Using our automated application helps you interpret the saliva test and our advanced algorithms significantly increases its accuracy. Eventually, we make it faster and easier to predict when you are most likely to conceive! The saliva test is FDA-certified and beside the Babyndex team Harvard Medical School authors have also extensively studied automated detection of saliva crystals.

app and microscope

All you need is a high-quality ovulation microscope and the Babyndex app!

Babyndex is an easy-to-use solution that only requires a small microscope and a smartphone with the Babyndex application installed!

We’ve made sure that Babyndex is super easy to use. Take the test every day for a full cycle and then regularly during the expected fertile phase. It takes 3 steps and a few minutes of your time to analyze your saliva crystallization and to predict your ovulation.

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