Saliva Ovulation Test with Automated Pattern Recognition

About the method and technology

One couple in six have hard time getting pregnant despite a year of trying. Knowing where in your ovulation cycle you are can improve your chances of getting pregnant. Babyndex combines saliva test with an app to help you get pregnant sooner with advanced but simple to use technology!

Saliva test upgraded

Your body communicates with you through crystals. While this may sound abstract, it is completely precise: when your body goes through different stages of your ovulation cycle, the changes in hormones cause that saliva starts to crystalize in different ways. Since the shapes of the crystals resemble the shape of the fern the whole procedure is called Saliva Fern Test. Using our high-quality microscope and the Babyndex app, you can detect crystals in dried saliva samples automatically and Babyndex will provide you with the actual dates of your fertile days immediately!

Strong scientific foundation

The effectiveness of the saliva test combined with automated crystal detection has been subjected to several scientific research. Probably the most important is the study by Harvard Medical School from 2018. Harvard researchers have concluded that the accuracy of the same solution as Babyndex is higher than 99%! Using this method, we detect oestrogen hormone increases in a much less intrusive and more affordable way than comparable urine or electrolyte tests. What is more, FDA has already approved saliva test for ovulation prediction, which is what Babyndex is also based upon.

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Saliva fern test


Body temperature test

Babyndex Saliva Test has strong comparative advantages over other methods of ovulation prediction. It is very easy to use and can be reused, which is not the case with urine or blood tests. This makes Babyndex very affordable. It is completely non-invasive and the results can offer extremely high accuracy (>99%).

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We’ve made sure that Babyndex is super easy to use. Take the test every day for full cycle and then regularly during the expected fertile phase. It takes 3 steps and a few minutes of your time to analyze your saliva crystallization and predict your ovulation:

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