Saliva Ovulation Test with Automated Pattern Recognition

Fertile days

Timing intercourse for conception, your lifestyle & weight and your health & age define your chances to get pregnant. Babyndex can significantly help you with timing!


Babyndex tracks your most fertile days from saliva crystallization

For most women fern-shaped crystals appear a few days before ovulation and disappear right after it. This, however, does not work for everyone because anything that affects estrogen levels in the body may affect the results. These may include age, medications, infections, breastfeeding and pregnancy.

If saliva ovulation test works for you, you can track your most fertile days and Babyndex helps recognize the fertile saliva ferning patterns and store the results.

Your body communicates with you through crystals. While this may sound abstract, it is completely precise: when your body goes through different stages of your ovulation cycle, the changes in hormones cause that saliva starts to crystalize in different ways. Since the shapes of the crystals resemble the shape of the fern the whole procedure is called Saliva Fern Test. 

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