Saliva Ovulation Test with Automated Pattern Recognition

Maybe Baby ovulation microscope

Ovulation microscope

Maybe Baby is a high-quality, simple, reusable ovulation microscope. It is manufactured in Europe using laboratory-grade materials to provide more reliable, accurate results. Maybe Baby has the ideal magnification and resolution for correct readings with the unique Babyndex app to help you recognize crystals in the dry saliva sample during your fertile days.


Babyndex app to recognize saliva crystals

For most women fern-shaped crystals appear a few days before ovulation and disappear after it. This, however, does not work for everyone because anything that affects estrogen levels in the body may affect the results. These may include age, medications, infections, breastfeeding and pregnancy.

If saliva test works for you, you can track your most fertile days and store the results in the Babyndex app.

Saliva crystals - full ferning sharp

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Patent US 11,583,260

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Ordering is without registration.

Payment is via bank card, PayPal and Cash on Delivery for an extra fee.

Shipping is estimated in 1-5 business days in Europe.

If saliva ovulation test is not working for you after having used it for a whole cycle, please return the microscope and we refund its price.

CE Certification:
Maybe Baby is a Mini Microscope for Ovulation Cycle Observation and bears the CE marking that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.
CE mark for Maybe Baby Ovulation Microscope
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SRPS ISO EN 13485:2017, SRPS ISO 9001:2015