Saliva Ovulation Test with Automated Pattern Recognition

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Babyndex is the only app with automated saliva crystal recognition. It helps you get pregnant sooner!

Patent US 11,583,260

Babyndex mobile app

The Babyndex app enables you to accurately identify your actual fertile window in an affordable way. The app digitalizes the saliva ovulation test and saves the data to a personal calendar. 

The Babyndex solution is the first that combines the reusable ovulation microscope with an artificial intelligence (Al)-powered app. We had this idea in 2014 and we partnered with Ximilar to develop and deploy the app’s advanced algorithms. Ximilar is a specialist in medical technology, visual Al and runs an Intel-optimized machine learning platform. Read more in this Intel story. In addition, the solution is patented in the USA.

Since then we are continuously improving our computer vision and machine learning to help you more easily and accurately identify saliva crystals. After all, by identifying the crystals that correspond with the fertile window, you can improve your chances of getting pregnant.